Tree & Shrub Care - Trimming - Pruning - Removal

Think of tree care as an investment. A healthy tree increases in value with age, paying big dividends, raising property values, beautifying our surroundings, purifying our air, and saving energy by providing cooling shade from summer’s heat and protection from winter’s wind.

Providing a preventive care program for your trees and shrubs is like putting money in the bank. Regular maintenance, designed to promote plant health and vigor, ensures their value will continue to grow. Preventing a problem is much less costly and time-consuming than curing one once it has developed.

Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Beautiful and Healthy

An effective tree and shrub maintenance program, including regular inspections and the necessary follow-up care of mulching, fertilizing, trimming and pruning, can help detect problems and correct them before they become damaging or fatal. Considering that many tree species can live as long as 200 to 300 years, including these practices when caring for your home landscape is an investment that will offer enjoyment and value for generations.

What If I have a Tree That That Needs to Be Removed?

Removal of dead trees can be a dangerous task to try on your own. Well Grounded has the proper professional equipment and experience necessary to remove trees safely, causing the least amount of disruption to the surrounding landscaping and lawn as possible. If you're not sure if a tree needs to be removed, or can be rejuvenated and made healthy again, we'll be glad to inspect it and let you know a recommendation on what to do.

Get Started with Tree and Shrub Care Any Time You Like

We're ready to help you get started with preserving and increasing the value of your trees and shrubs. Just give us a call at 678-300-8503 or contact us via our online form. with any questions you may have.